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Standard and customized

The wide range of standard products made by OBE satisfies most of the needs of customers in the eyewear sector. Among the standard products, OBE offers flex hinges, hinges that are easy to solder, laser weld or rivet, hinges for plastic frames, flex mechanism, flex and non-flex cores for plastic, normal and Teflon-coated screws for hinges and rimlocks, nuts.
The materials used are nickel silver, steel, titanium and beta-titanium, various alloys, monel.
Thanks to its technical department that follows the customer from the idea on, OBE is also able to offer customized products of great quality.

Spring hinges

  • For metal, plastic & combination frames
  • Simple & robust double barrel mechanism in stainless steel
  • Zero rocking thanks to U shaped mechanism
  • Extended adjustment

Hinges on wire

  • Standard and customized solutions
  • Cores in various widths, knurled or sandblasted
  • 90 ° and 180 ° front hinges available with obtained and / or adjustable inclination for pantoscopic angle

Regular hinges

  • Hinges for soldering
  • Hinges for welding
  • Hinges for riveting
  • Hinges for metal and plastic


  • Stamped or turned screws with or without plastic.
  • With minus, cross and torx head.


Projects realized by OBE based on customers’ drawing

Titanium and ceramic pads

  • Titanium nose pads with screw and click-in fixing
  • Ceramic nose pads are hypoallergenic and resistant to rust

Acetate pads

  • Acetate nose pads available in 5 standard shapes and 20 standard colours
  • Possible to produce original design

Silicone pads and rings

Silicone made nose pads that fit your nose securely and silicone rings avoid scratching and loosening of the lenses.


Art Flex is made of polyolefin and is available in 25 colours and 2 sizes.


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