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Quality solutions for metal components

With our many years of experience we market small, complex and quality parts for various industries such as automotive, medical, aeronautical, industrial, watches, fashion, jewelry, optics, mechanics in general. We follow the customer from the early stages of development to the finished product, all as a guarantee of quality.

  • Great freedom in design
  • Co-engineering according to the chosen technology
  • Variety of usable materials
  • Long-time experience
  • Transparent and programmable costs
  • Quality

Additionaly to the below mentioned technologies we offer further processes like shooting, galvanic, welding and spot welding, laser engraving, cleaning, lapping that we carry out to guarantee the customer the finished product.

Metal Injection Molding

MIM technology is a production process thanks to which objects with complex shapes can be obtained starting from an initial metallic powderof stainless steel, titanium and special alloys.

Additive Manufacturing

Tool-free 3D printing ideally complements metal powder injection moldingand enables small series to be produced economically.
We produce stainless steel or titanium components with the “moldjet” processing, which is allowing the serial production.

Components from profile

We supply components obtained by profiles for a lot of different sectors.

Available materials:
Nickel silver, stainless steel, bronze, titanium


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